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Learn the latest han edition dress collocation autumn

by:Eugenia     2020-08-22
Hallyu, refers to the Korean culture influence in other areas, such as Korean TV dramas, movies, music and other entertainment things regional influence, of course also include South Korea clothing, and so on. Have a passion for fashion become the modern people to pursue one thing, that is special dress up, anything as long as plus a han edition two characters, there will always be unexpected effect, attract many people to pursue, to follow suit. Today, small make up is special for you picked a dress collocation, let's take a look at some new guoqiu clothing. White T-shirt, jeans shirt and black vest, administrative levels feeling and bright, independent personality, contracted and fashionable, give a person a kind of natural aesthetic feeling, comfortable. Under a jeans leggings is very thin, tie-in merchant leisure shoes do not lose feminine beauty, the perfect figure curve show incisively and vividly. At the same time, a pair of dark glasses collocation, all show big rocks. In fact, sunglasses selection is also very important, if collocation is proper, the whole dress up will have the effect of the finishing point. As for the sunglasses style, color, need to be combined with their own dress collocation.
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