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Lee min-ho han edition of the sun glasses appeared in the airport charm not losing his touch

by:Eugenia     2020-08-05
Recently, my everything to take new work appeared in the airport, my everything that day wearing a han edition of the sun glasses, looked cool don't don't of, but my everything are more enthusiastic, and his charming smile, many fans feel my everything like a sunshine boy next door, has always been to full of warmth. My everything, and South Korea famous actors. With the development of The Times, now more and more people like foreign domestic stars, especially South Korea's bar. It is well known that South Korea is a country with a lot of handsome boy beauty, what is the reason believe everybody knows. South Korea's chins, I believe you must know this one, he is my everything. My everything when I started out with a handsome appearance is deep fans, but with the passage of time, now my everything has conquered the audience deeply, because of his acting skill is getting better and better, especially his works 'city hunter' after the broadcast, lee min-ho success became an international star. Lee min-ho has made his debut for many years, but handsome is still not losing his touch. Also came into my everything it due to time this year, so the travel to foreign film 'the legend of blue ocean' might be my everything military service before the last work, maybe there are a lot of fans will be very loathe to give up my everything to leave for the screen, that is my everything also has been trying to in a soldier before a better impression on the audience. This book is about TV series about mermaid, and will be grand show at the end of the year. Lee min-ho high popularity that is a lot of people know, this time to go abroad, fans around the airport already, netizens poking fun at the airport that day it will be my everything fans crashes, it is conceivable that it is how high is the growing popularity of my everything.
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