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Lenses and sunglasses to wear need to be careful

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
The expert reminds: product quality the good and bad are intermingled, improper selection, wear, may cause eye diseases
midsummer season, the beautiful become the compulsory subject of hipsters. For collocation is beautiful beautiful summer dresses and uv protection, many love beautiful girls are wearing lenses and sunglasses.
but the expert reminds, lenses, sunglasses, although the United States, also has certain protection to the eyes, but at present, the domestic lenses market without supervision; Sunglasses also process more rough, quality of care. If consumers choose, wearing inappropriate, can affect vision not only, also can cause a series of eye diseases. It need to carefully identify and buy carefully.
lenses and glasses beautiful but the eyes
5, the provincial capital LiuHang tower street, a small store business is booming. Just a noon to buy lenses, and sunglasses girls in an endless stream. “ Peach heart pattern, rose & # 8230; … ” The shopkeeper to introduce customers to hundreds of lenses fancy.
in the same shop to buy two goods ms ho, urged companion to spend. Originally, because of the low price, she ever here buy lenses and glasses, lenses wearing always feel eye hair acerbity; Sunglasses Dai Jiu feel dizzy. She went to a hospital checking, eye doctors said she had conjunctivitis, the culprit is this pair of inferior lenses. Price difference is big
journalists continue to visit some stores didn't permit jiefang road, no. 3, found that the lenses, sunglasses on market price. Expensive lenses 300 multivariate, 60 yuan cheaper; Sunglasses price from 20 yuan to 3000 yuan. Some cosmetics shops, jewelry stores also sell a variety of colors of lenses, modelling alternative sunglasses, business is good.
the price difference is too large to cause consumer confusion, can the & # 8220; Buy felt relieved the & # 8221; , become the concern of many people. “ To large optical shop to buy glasses, too expensive. To the general store, and think the price is cheap, quality assurance. ” Citizens lau said.
“ Contact lenses for three types of medical equipment. According to regulations, business contacts and nursing liquid must obtain a medical equipment business license. ” One industry insider said. Investigation, however, the reporter asked some shop owner said they did not know this matter.
carefully wear need to be careful of choose and buy

qualified sunglasses, shall be marked with the brand, specifications, the site of factory, etc. Province ophthalmology hospital physicians about choosing sunglasses tips: wu & # 8220; To see the quality of the lens, sunglasses in front can be 40 cm - 45 cm, through the lens to observe objects, if linear distortion or swing, illustrate the lens have deformation, can't buy. Or put the lens on the sunlight or fluorescent lamp gently rotating, discomfort is not to buy it. Lens color with gray, green, dark brown; Dark brown, black, Blue and purple. ” “ And lenses, is inherently bad for eyesight, consumers need to choose carefully according to the eyes. ” If wear lenses, the doctor said that wu quality closes nevertheless, easy cause allergic conjunctivitis, giant papillary conjunctivitis, corneal ulcer and other eye diseases. “ Some discomfort due to wear lenses, timely diagnosis and symptomatic treatment, basic can resume normal vision. But some people have been suffering from eye disease didn't know it, delayed treatment, eventually form a corneal ulcer. Even cure, damage can't recover. ” Good doctors advised consumers, wu to the formal optical shop of choose and buy contact lenses, and strictly according to the method of use wear, wear less than 8 hours. In addition, do not advocate young persons below 16 years old to choose lenses.
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