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'Lenses' fashion and more hidden trouble not more eyes than ordinary contact

by:Eugenia     2020-08-12
Tianjin medical university eye centre of cornea shao-zhen zhao suggests: well don't wear lenses, less wear contact lenses.
cornea need breathing
it is located in a layer of transparent membrane eye anterior wall, there is no blood vessels inside the organization, nutrition is to rely on the surrounding vascular permeability of the past, the supply of oxygen 80% comes from the air. When the corneal surface covered the contact lenses, can make the cornea can't breathe. In addition, both lenses and myopia invisible mirror, repeat every day to pick a physical stimulation, cover your hands have bacteria, lens cleaning process is not strictly a protein residues, etc. , it is easy to cause keratitis and conjunctivitis. Cornea is like the lens of the camera, if become turbid, is just like a camera lens worn, will affect the quality of the camera image. Don't try to wear contact lenses

contact lenses is direct contact with the cornea, corneal sensory nerve is rich, is part of the body consciousness sensitive and fragile, especially in the sense of touch and pain, for acute, at any point in the process of wear of the physical and chemical damage may cause corneal lesions, if try to wear contact lenses, the risk will be higher.
lenses are more likely than ordinary contact lenses to irritate eyes
good lenses piece, but improper selection and wear will cause harm to the eyes. Experts say, than contact lenses, lenses more hidden trouble. The first is night vision. Because the lenses around on the color, the middle left by the round hole diameter is fixed, but the person's pupil larger or smaller according to the light and shade. Night eye pupil usually amplification, so wear colored contact lenses will inevitably affect in the evening to see the scope and definition. The second is the formal process of lenses is to use two layers of transparent layer sandwiched a layer of color, if is the product quality closes nevertheless, directly attached on the surface of the lens color, also can make color material out of eye injuries. And because the lenses than general average contact lens thickness, poor permeability, wear after the cornea in long-term anoxic condition, eyes will congestion, sore throat, tears, secretion, serious ulcers, erosion will occur.
5 kinds of discomfort is seen wearing lenses
1. Eyes resistance drop
lenses can make cornea can't contact with air, eyes will due to a lack of oxygen is similar to the human body the & # 8220; Altitude sickness & # 8221; , unable to normal metabolism, resistance to decline.
2。 Lead to visual fatigue, dry eyes, long wear lenses, easy to produce visual fatigue, and even cause dry eyes. Cause eye itching, foreign body sensation, gum, dryness, burning eyes and blurred vision.
3。 Cause eye allergies
lenses adsorption tears of proteins, lipids, collagen, etc. , make the deposit on the surface of the lens, the breeding ground for germs, corneal edema, corneal neovascularization reaction and allergic reactions such as accordingly.
4。 Wear, treatments cannot accept
once the cornea is wear and tear, may cause corneal epithelium shedding or perforation of the serious consequences. Part of the lenses, the concavity and convexity cornea irregular wear and tear of the cornea, corneal ulcer, cause irreversible vision loss, even after treatment will also leave a white spot on the cornea.
5。 Corneal accelerated aging
if started wearing soft lenses from 20 years old, 10 years later, corneal endothelial cell density is equivalent to 60 years old, will not be able to withstand any eye surgery, even cataracts in old age.
eye inflammation is don't wear contact lenses
trachoma, keratitis, dry eyes, conjunctivitis, eyes have inflammation, are not suitable for wearing contact lenses. If there are tears in the process of wear stabbing pain symptoms, please go to a doctor immediately.
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