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Let the stars to teach you how to control the frame glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
Frame glasses already out 'stay, ugly, rigid' image, ushered in the 'modified artifact, concave shape tool' and other new atmosphere. Stars are also like to set up the new image with glasses, show different temperament. Let the stars to teach you how to control the frame glasses. Eric slender figure show mature man glamour, wearing a suit jacket, handsome appearance, design and color shirt willfulness, tortoiseshell round glasses modelling lets a person shine at the moment, not only the tide fan, also set up the steady ripe male image. Lin big fans of the goddess is glasses, only standard V face square glasses seems to be more suitable. Because V face is standard of beauty embryo child face, in order not to let most of the face are hidden behind the glasses, suggest don't choose picture frame is too big or too exaggerated style. Sa o standard baby face, round face wearing square glasses seems to be more pleasing to the eye, also makes up the defect of the round face, but the framework to slightly thick, lens color slants cold, color dark glasses have 'tightening' face visual effect. Cecilia liu nearly as wholly as a full-time wife, she is rare in the screen, a recent public appearance also seemed as vogel glasses image spokesperson. Cecilia liu said at ordinary times is very lazy, like to use glasses to decorate, also need not how to make up, also convenient, there is a unique taste. The good news is that Cecilia liu this oval what glasses are very appropriate. Frames can be used as a lazy modified artifact, but also can be used as fashion accessories, sometimes want to change style or feel you the image of a kind of taste, less may wish to try wearing a pair of glasses, might be pleasantly surprised oh ~
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