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Let the sunglasses to teach you how to change

by:Eugenia     2020-09-04
Sunglasses collocation is always fashionable, fashionable clothes on collocation, wear out their own unique style, is a good way to show your charm, highlighting the golden ratio figure, show you tall perfect figure curve, how to make use of sunglasses let you become perfect? Today, let small make up teach you how to get the sunglasses sunglasses factory with makeup look perfect combination, make changed the queen! 【 Maiden wind 】 Girl to dress up is very greedy, especially the choice of the color. Concise mist side bottom makeup without adding any BB elements, focus on sunglasses and small cherry lips. Fashionable sunglasses fashion sense, toad and seems very relaxed and casual, highlight the pure and lovely breath also perfect alternative colour makeup. Pink lip gloss feeling more girls, labial ministry illustration should abandon lip line, the lip line 'small scale' dizzy, fruity and full lip more fashionable young. 【 The wind restoring ancient ways. Elegant calm cobalt blue, navy blue, and dark blue lake is in the street snap frequent fashion color, whole body blue collocation let a person shine at the moment. Restoring ancient ways round blue mirror, sending out the noble and mysterious, if you belong to 'sag' thin face, that choose this style of circle lenses, enough to make the cheek full rise, blush, highlight the ultimate step aside. Labial makeup is chosen after restoring ancient ways is red, blue and red collision is enough to make the 'face' is charming. 【 Elegant wind 】 2014 giorgio Armani Beauty creative director Linda Cantello, back in the 1930 s with some Hollywood glamour of elegant fashion sense, creative & quot; Effetto Nudo' Muscle makeup effect, which greatly hot naked makeup again. No pores thoroughly makeup, thin transparent specular carry bright plus naked powder, blush, and lip color, this kind of similar to knead tonal collocation of modern makeup colors convey philosophy. It enough to grab the cat's eye sunglasses is enough to make the finishing point of the mirror, feeling of thousand sorrow '' a mirror mask, micro without makeup. 【 The neutral wind 】 Mainstream as a girl to dress up like a sweet meimei always is a good, but not stick to one pattern do you still want to occasionally to try the other path, victor becomes too exaggerated, neuter cool or you can try. Thick eyebrows never less heroic spirit first and agile, to a woman's charming eyes will have to choose a 'serious' temperament of sunglasses to decorate it. 【 Contracted wind. In addition to the luminous color, pure white eyeliner also back on top of the fashion in this season, ponder dye-in-the-wood. Professional makeup artist tonight. but Auyeung refers to white eyeliner can increase the proportion of white, let an eye circle is big and bright, suitable for eye fine women. But if you're not used to paint white, feel too abrupt, like the white tide again, so don't be entangled with the white sunglasses make makeup effect only grow. Every woman hope oneself can be different, to be able to often brings freshness, it might as well try small make up tips, let you enjoy the show fashion!
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