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Let tyrannosaurus sunglasses take you 'enjoy'

by:Eugenia     2020-07-23
Tyrannosaurus glasses is the leading domestic brand glasses, glasses industry it wholeheartedly, and holds on the design concept of the early - — 'Enjoy', fashion and elegant in-depth design, always stand in the forefront of fashion. Tyrannosaurus rex glasses glasses industry leading brand in China, please the spokesperson also very tall! At the beginning of 2016, bid farewell to the original Sophie Marceau, spokesman for the French rose princess in the elegant, fashion the queen - — Hollywood actress Anne hathaway. Anne hathaway tyrannosaurus sunglasses has launched a variety of series of products, always around an idea, which is said to 'enjoy', before put on the sunglasses, can make you like a small sun, become the focus of attention. Below small make up to introduce this several series of sunglasses! Spirit's series of this series of sunglasses can be converted to temperament of white-collar personage, not only can satisfy daily leisure life need, also can be used in the movement for driving, practicality is very high. Its lens imported film gradient color polarizer, the magic polarization functions is added make-up, block light, filtering out glare, to see things more clear. Beauty line series, the series of sun glasses is designed for elegant woman that has grade, the pursuit of fashion ladies can also handle. The lens using high-tech thermosetting CR - 39 lenses, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistant, low thermal conductivity, security; With high-end acetate frame material, texture, bright, transparent, bright living. It is worth mentioning that its technology is also very exquisite, as if a attract attention, arts and crafts style. Sunglasses factory YC9710 general sunglasses C1 bright black/grey gentlemanly series as the name suggests this series is designed for men. On the material of frame by most in the 21st century environmental protection material, — Aluminium magnesium alloy, the quality is super light, the box surface without solder joints, a integrated production, on the lens is using a new generation of import 'TAC' thickening polarized lens, radian is accurate, stable and one-sided not easy scratches, impact resistance, can effectively filter out uv rays, the grating structure can absorb glare, avoid dazzle, dazzling, let see things more real clear; In design accord with human body tectonics, the curve of the frame smooth arc, make men wearing more comfortable, more spirited.
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