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LG to launch new fashion glasses in 2012

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
The new hanging clamp type 3 d glasses based on polarization film (same 玻璃钢) Technology for LG Cinema 3 d TV monopolised by a pair of glasses. So we are confident that next year the LG 3 d TV strategy will inherit the positive response of the consumers. F360 type glasses lens bending, which can cover the wearer's most front, strengthened the immersive Cinema 3 d experience. Besides, Cinema 3 d with the same FPR and cinemas and RealD technology, as a result, including F360 LG series of full 3 d glasses can also view the 3 d movie in the theater when worn.

LG electronic home entertainment company President and chief executive of Havis Kwon said the & # 8220; Compare with active shutter glasses, LG 3 d glasses to wear more quiet, and cheaper prices.

as a 3 d TV market leader brand, LG plans to sponsor in 2012 a series of 3 d movie and game flow, tens of thousands of visitors will be able to personally feeling infection to Cinema experience the thrill of 3 d.

the study found that many glasses wearing discomfort and expensive is the leading cause of consumers reluctant to buy 3 d TV, and FPR flush thoroughly change the situation of 3 d technology, at the same time also contributed to the success of LG 3 d TV popularity, LG in the global 3 d TV market share from 7 in the first quarter of 2011. 6% to 14% of the xuan in rapid promotion, become one of the leading brand of 3 d TV market.

2012 series of 3 d glasses product includes hang a clip-on F320 model of glasses. It is understood that the new 3 d glasses series including F310, hanging clamp F320 and Alain Mikli F360, new 3 d eyes except when wear lighter more quiet, has also made breakthroughs in a series of design process, such as bending of the lens and concise frames, these changes make 3 d glasses from viewing necessities and became a fashion accessories. In addition, F310 lenses to weight is only 13. 5 g, 20% lighter than LG on generation model.

。 Unlike on a generation of 3 d glasses, the glasses lens have certain radian, can better fit the wearer's face and the overall progress to Cinema 3 d viewing experience. Therefore, LG completely solve the 3 d for universal two important obstacles. With the previous generation, hanging clamp type 3 d glasses compare the weight of the hanging clamp type F320 model glasses is only five. 5 g, 25% lighter than the last generation. ”

new 3 d glasses series, F310 lenses to design unique, with soft lines and slender frame.

another F360 lenses is from LG with world famous glasses designer Alain Mikli teamed up to build, and the half frame design make the shape more sporty, weight is only 16 g. As a result, 3 d movie is no longer limited to the number, the whole family can gather together with infection shock brought by the 3 d viewing experience. Recently, LG electronics announced the first quarter of 2012 will launch a new series of 3 d glasses, one is from the world famous designer glasses Alain Mikli hands.
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