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Li bingbing Deng Zi chess sunglasses big PK

by:Eugenia     2020-07-18
Li was born on February 27, 1973, in Harbin in heilongjiang province, the famous actress in mainland China. Career hot, many well-known awards, and at the same time she also keen on public welfare of environmental protection, established in 2009, li bingbing personal welfare brand L. O. V。 E, initiated and participated in many environmental protection activities. The goddess of the figure's acting, sincere love to win love, many members of the other li bingbing or Gucci brand spokesperson, fashion and elegant, her unique signs, all kinds of fashion mirror type is style reveals a different taste. Deng Zi type is created after the 90 Hong Kong singer, was born in a music family, made his debut at age 16, 18 years old get hold music charts 'wants to force music singer award', is a very young strength will sing! In addition to the sounds of nature, she has a very strong fashion sense and personality! Though the goddess of the two has a different identity, different ages, but they are all fashion focus, we take a look at who's mirror type more bright eye, better! Type 1, lovely sweet mirror parade li bingbing a rabbit rabbit ears of knitting hat, a pair of sunglasses, reflective polygon not only cute but also very individualize, smack of neutral wind. Deng Zi chess is a pair of oversized sunglasses, wearing a white wool unlined upper garment, wearing a black wide-brimmed hat, lovely face, sweet smile, elegant gesture, people see people love, there is a dolphin princess, what kind of mirror type more impress you? Type 2, leisure handsome mirror parade li bingbing a leisure loose big sweater, a beautiful leg a miniskirt leak. Add a pair of mirror sunglasses fashion handsome, let a person love! Deng Zi is wearing a double-breasted trench coat and shorts small dew and sexy, black super covered face shows the queen's demeanor. A fresh beautiful, handsome, a pistol, Wang Fan, two each has his strong point! Type 3, sexy fashion mirror parade li bingbing wearing loose her men's jackets, revealing sexy legs, bright and sunny smile is contagious, full of cool sunglasses toad collocation handsome and sexy. Deng Zi chess a lotus leaf hat, a pair of personality fashion sunglasses appear charming and sexy, white sweater both leisure and fashion, show little woman. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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