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'Li Haolan' Wu Jinyan has a strong sense of contrast! Wear yellow round-frame glasses and wear fur collars in a trendy fashion-Common Sense of Glasses-Business Information

by:Eugenia     2022-05-03
Recently, in Shanghai, Wu Jinyan appeared at the airport. She wears yellow round-frame glasses to play fashion, wears a fur-collared coat in a trendy fashion, and modern outfits play with fashion sense. On the same day, some fans enthusiastically presented plush dolls. In the drama, 'Li Haolan' became a girl in a second. Wu Jinyan has a strong sense of contrast! , Seeing Little Cutie instantly smiled silly and sweet. Wu Jinyan has been a bit busy recently. First, Wei Yingluo in 'Strategy of Yanxi Palace' played the revenge of the sadistic heart and then played the role of Iron Lady in 'The Story of Hao Lan'. It was really busy. Called the best 'walking' actress of the year. Wu Jinyan's recent dramas are all in ancient costumes, and she is indeed somewhat attractive in ancient costumes, and her behavior is very elegant, and she has the demeanor of ancient ladies. It seems that she is still very suitable for acting in ancient costumes. Her acting skills are still online, and she is much better than those who are half-way renunciations. The self-setting of the various roles is very good. Born in 1990, she has very petite features and a very small face, which is very cute. Wu Jinyan appeared at the airport, wearing a blue denim jacket with a large fur collar. Denim jackets with large fur collars are still rare. The texture of fur collars and denim is a bit of a mix and match. I have to say that this combination is really eye-catching, and the contrast is quite strong. The hole design of the denim jacket adds a sense of line to the upper body, and the large fur collar sets off her petite face. The effect is obvious by lining the small with the big one. Wu Jinyan wears a gradual knitted sweater in his denim jacket. Gradient sweaters are rare in this winter. In fact, gradient colors are still more difficult to match, because they are gradient colors, and the tones are not stable. If they are not well matched, they will feel chaotic and noisy. Of course, if the matching is good, the gradient color can wear out a good sense of layering and enrich the overall color image. Enhance the sense of jumping, the visual experience is great. Wu Jinyan's sweater is a three-color gradient, and the color is the same color of blue, so as to better form a unified tone. The lower body is matched with a tight-fitting dark jeans, jeans and a denim jacket, and the overall texture is uniform. In winter, a denim outfit adds a lot of vitality and relaxation, keeping warm without looking bloated. Wu Jinyan stepped on a pair of lace-up platform boots. The style of the boots matched the denim jacket. The color of the shoes forms a certain contrast with the whole, which enriches the visual effect. Wu Jinyan carries a small white bag, which helps to improve the brightness, which is very eye-catching. Wearing a peaked cap and yellow eyes, he has a strong student atmosphere. Looks very youthful and beautiful.
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