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Li-kun wang endorsement KaiLan KALLA glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-27
Li-kun wang endorsement KaiLan KALLA glasses KALLA KaiLan glasses brand is fashion workshops in shenzhen co. , LTD, affiliated with brigitte fai international group in Hong Kong. Company focus on the development features of glasses fashion accessories industry, has the world advanced glasses products production system, and from Europe, South Korea, Hong Kong and other regions of the r&d and design team. Heard in KALLA advertising a new season of filming, li-kun wang insisted on shooting a cold that day, this kind of professionalism, focus on performance was touched by the site staff. KALLA in addition to the deep powerful strength, also with jiangsu satellite TV to carry out the depth cooperation, KALLA will their own production resources and media resources that, for the future development of KALLA added a lot of imagination. Today, KaiLan glasses has become the jiangsu TV guest if you are the one 'ace program glasses designated suppliers, the combination of the strength of the manufacturer with a strong media let us see the KALLA behind this emerging fashion brands powerful design production research and development strength and transmission media resources advantage, this also for the subsequent KALLA KALLA to upsurge in the glasses market laid a solid foundation. KALLA derived from the Greek humanism, is the meaning of beauty in Greek, and by European romantic fashion elements, the modern women's freedom, elegant, charming temperament show through our products. Through more sense of science and technology and conform to the Oriental product design, fashion, science and technology, and establish a perfect balance comfortable, let consumers feel the value of different experience. Through new mode of brand, brand a foothold in the market competition rapidly, rapidly expand brand influence, win more customers. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact
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