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Li Qin sunglasses with lace interprets the hot wind

by:Eugenia     2020-07-30
Li Qin, as mainland film new actress, with its fresh faces and classical temperament perfect interpretation of xue baochai is the corner of the new dream of red mansions ', open the door to deduce cause from now on. She recently appeared in the fashion pictorial, a lace dress or handsome or fashion, with a pair of dark glasses show handsome and sexy wind. Li Qin learn kunqu opera background, both classical scroll breath on her body, and there was a maiden wen wan and exquisite, and free from vulgarity temperament, let small make up indeed feel her unique 'small and pure and fresh'! Now, to have the 'let's love each other' romantic journey Li Qin, sometimes turns into love, A bit self-willed little woman, sometimes is the career women have considerable independence, or wear wear frowsty coquettish outside hot lace vest, or wear A word skirt restoring ancient ways, of literature and art from the grandiose handsome, to quiet, elegant, all mix Li Qin ride comfortable! The dress she chose craft is complex and more expensive fabrics - — Bud silk, now the overall clothing made of lace are everywhere, many more bold play up the 'perspective'. Stars of perspective lace item, especially the perspective of pure bud silk sheet is tasted, real or fake meat 'of nude lining lace item, they can wear out the essence of it. Ray-ban RB3016 unisex sunglass W0365 lace dress seems to have feminine taste too strong, she chose A pair of tipping sunglasses as an ornament, added A few minutes in the feminine charm of women handsome, confident, plus A word skirt of concise, really make the youth age reduction look at the same time also can easily cover the waist and thigh meat meat. And whether the a-line skirt, or tall waist skirt can play to wear thin magical effect! How's that? A word skirt pure color is the joker, no matter what style can control. Tie-in shirt and agile handsome, rocks, workplace and printed together becomes nifty and vivid. This body is dressed up, look from the vision, with fine than more light, more large area of bare feet on the vision makes the more full!
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