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Li received the sun glasses is introduced

by:Eugenia     2020-08-17
PARIM( Send li meng) Brand founded in 1992, since its inception has been focused on developments in the field of glasses, send li brand with intellectual beauty as the core, advocate the romantic sense, advocating the creative way of life, the fusion of fashion, delicate, comfortable and other elements. Selects the high quality of the lens and the frame material, in view of the Oriental facial features, meet the glasses wearing comfort and fashion sense, highlights the elegant temperament and connotation of the intellectual, lead domestic glasses fashion trend! Send li meng sunglasses are divided into the following three series: a, elegance series sent li received the sun glasses and elegant series - — 1110 time elegant a arc, classic and modern instant blend, condenses into simple atmosphere and delicate, elegant taste in a low-key luxury. Type classic elegance series sunglasses, contracted and the atmosphere, emphasize life grade, the pursuit of comfortable, show elegance, designed for professionals and business people to build, can match business attire or business suit. Second, leisure series sent li received the sun glasses leisure series - — 1123 the warm sunlight, walk in the busy city, with a mirror to show himself, on the other side of the personality or halfback, as a trend, accentuated elegant calm still. Leisure series type style unique, fashion innovation, color bright, the trend of the joker, meet the needs of urban men and women's leisure life, show the natural taste of natural and unrestrained frankness. Three, move feeling series dynamic sent li received the sun glasses series - — 1204 sunshine, air and water intimate contact with nature, every cell in the dance, enjoy the energy of each moment. Move feeling series sunglasses, adhering to the brand consistent design essence, type contracted classic, smooth lines move feeling, suitable for outdoor living, can match dynamic loading or sport life, reflect a distinctive style, fashion show in the energetic. Title: send li received the sun glasses introduction to sort out: glasses sunglasses factory network
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