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Li xiaolu daughter black super cool net friend call too cute

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
'Dad where to go' in the first quarter despite has come to an end, but no less popularity, let the many star star mom dad are keen to bask in baby's photo on the Internet. Recently, parents, smile on weibo early in the morning sun black super cool as a daughter, little baby with a cool sunglasses very domineering, deserve to go up 'BaBa, take me out to have a face not' humorous words, dad smile even called 'dad take you out to have noodles son'. As one of the entertainment world beauty guy li xiaolu with the combination of rich second generation star smile by the attention of many fans, and their daughter small xin xin was born and raised concern has also been a lot of fans friends. As new parents, smile and li xiaolu, since have a daughter is always a big party with fans on weibo share fun with my daughter. The daughter of a beautiful mother, small xin xin genetic advantages of mom and dad, not only beautiful, cute and very photogenic. With a dark glasses little head lovely look at camera, oversized sunglasses foil a chubby little face, netizens call too cute.
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