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Li xiaolu sun glasses red lip from the pictures

by:Eugenia     2020-07-18
On October 26, li xiaolu basked in weibo from photographs. In this photo, she has a head of golden shawls long hair, a pair of ellipse made the big black box cover half face, lips gently du, like a lovely cute doll! Pure lovely is like nothing like hot mama figure! Play the part of MOE! Act young! Sunglasses were selected a master oh ~ come on! Ms dolphins sunglasses 1013 c5 red shade big box plate ray-ban sunglasses RB3016 black box blackish green piece of sheet metal high-end fashion great code Ms. Sun glasses anta AT8005C1 black fashion sunglasses big box S9103 sunglasses polarized sunglasses sunglasses factory C01 frame black/lens gradient grey
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