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Li xiaoran weddings the best man and blackened super covered face handsome aggressive

by:Eugenia     2020-09-07
The day before yesterday is probably appropriate to marry zodiac, in addition to jingdong dominating the President took a milk tea sister, li xiaoran has affection stop-start way has also finally in Brussels, Belgium and producer jia-ning xu held a wedding. The wedding is quite low, invite only a part of the circle of friends, but best group all black super covered face handsome, squad looks quite good! Chen xiao chun, tian-zuo liu and guangjie li also attended the wedding, the bridesmaids are Ming yan as people, appearance level soared! Insider by, ying CAI er, ejiao, JiFangDeng, and the beauty of the star qian yi's director of artists pay greetings, etc. It also causes a net friend of simplicity. Best man suit, sunglasses covered face, Chen xiao chun squad spectacular round cap and round the sun hip-hop wind restoring ancient ways is very bridesmaids attractive it is said that li xiaoran and jia-ning xu met 16 years, but li xiaoran always jia-ning xu as a best friend, and over 40 jia-ning xu has not married. After break up with his former girlfriend, jia-ning xu began to pursue li xiaoran, finally, after waiting for 16 years, spent six months the goddess to hand to embrace photograph li xiaoran bask in two street a few days ago li xiaoran still bask in the style of poster puzzle in this photo, 39, she and jia-ning xu hug to each other in the street, both wearing a white T-shirt, wearing a fashionable classical frog mirror, happy laughter in the street. The background, it should be sweet vacation abroad, the poster style puzzle, also write 'unconditional love' in English. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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