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Li yi feng 'black appeared in the airport's fans surrounded by taking pictures

by:Eugenia     2020-09-05
Recently, the Shanghai film li yi feng frequently appeared in the Shanghai airport. On July 5, li yi feng still smartly arrived in Shanghai hongqiao airport. A white T-shirt, a pair of black and white baseball cap, the sun handsome male image show incisively and vividly. Because of the day to come to pick up many fans, the scene was surrounded, the airport is deployed four police for li yi feng escorting. Li yi feng 'black face, handsome and dye-in-the-wood li yi feng, actor, singer, producer in China. Chengdu people, graduated from sichuan normal university, film and television institute. In 2007 to participate in the 'come on! Out my hero ', published in 2009 debut album 'gentlemen'. In 2010 starred in TV series 'happiness must be strong' and 'sunny happiness', was awarded a prize of 2011 national opera festival better new actor. In 2013 with the TV series daughter returned from Letv festival popular actor award. In July 2014, because of the TV series 'the DLC, tan,' 'thyme toso' in the corner of the wide attention; In the same year in TV broadcast live flesh and season play 'grave notes' actor. In February 2015 in ajit director, producer Huang Lei campus youth movie actor gardenia flower, June with Yang director Tony chan urban love movie in the heart star move. For the first time as a producer, making outdoor exploration investment reality show 'go together'. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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