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Li yi feng tell you sunglasses and circle the box frame sunglasses which is worthy of you

by:Eugenia     2020-07-25
The sun sky, the flowers smile to me of summer life is gradually far away, now our life is surrounded by building more, is sun exposure, go out every pair of dark glasses is really not line! But sunglasses design style is varied, although relatively popular in the market is square sunglasses and circular frame sunglasses, but which is better, worthy and yourself? Picture is truth, let stylish men li yi feng tell you! Round frame sunglasses: this is old photo before li yi feng, his top hat, with round frame sunglasses, look tide fan, Obama is South Korea fan! Round sunglasses to li yi feng handsome, fashion show very in place! Is 'king fashion' street snap modelling tide explodes the airport! Recommend a circular frame sunglasses: ray-ban RB4222 865/13 men sunglasses hawksbill/lens tea box sunglasses: compared with the round box sunglasses, li yi peak seems to be more love square sunglasses, his square sunglasses as not too much oh, small make up to you one by one list. In addition, his appearance seems to be no different accessories - — Sunglasses and a hat. So want to tide will look to him! Recently, li yi feng is wearing a pair of box big sunglasses at the airport, wearing a top hat, wearing a white shirt with rice white v-neck knitting coat, very cool! And look handsome, young, at the same time college wind restoring ancient ways again. Recommend a square sunglasses: sunglasses factory YC9706 unisex sunglass C7 grind arenaceous black/dazzle colour blue circle frame sunglasses and square sunglasses although very popular, but the collocation and your face conform to achieve a desired effect, circular box glasses suit to oval or square face, long face wear, round-faced people don't try to as far as possible; Square sunglasses fit in with the round face and long, of course this is only the collocation of general principles, specific also look at personal like and try effect.
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