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Li yi feng variable mirror type tide airport

by:Eugenia     2020-07-16
Li yi feng spring, summer, autumn and winter type variable mirror, cool feels dye-in-the-wood, handsome is difficult to block, 'king fashion' street snap modelling of the airport. Handsome have a type of figure li yi male god peak, can attract so many bees, and not only is the appearance level how high, also has the very big part of the reason is have temperament, have grade! Everywhere, a pair of sunglasses at concave shape, tide Fan Dazeng, group of pressure and all the men! High level is an advantage in appearance, if because lazy to dress up yourself, and let yourself far look was divided into 'dwarf' stupid ', there is no doubt that this is your fault, will quickly learn male god is dressed up! Have a look at how li yi male god peak tide airport. Stable intellectual ripe male image is created a grid jacket, a pair of square black super tothe increase temperament baseball cap, a cowboy existing youth recreational, reflective sunglasses to tide van, personality to show what is in place
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