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Li yi feng won a gold frame sunglasses in airport fans scream 'welcome home'

by:Eugenia     2020-09-05
Recently wildly popular 'fresh meat' li yi feng over the field work, back to Beijing at the airport just as shipment was harvested dozens of pick up the female fans shouted slogans 'welcome home', the scene was spectacular. Li yi feng is wearing local tyrants gold frame sunglasses, even wearing old cadre style white old man shirt match simple jeans, all cannot hide handsome. His full expression easily, although there is no interaction with fans, but from time to time, corners of the mouth smile, seem to be quite satisfied for such ostentation and extravagance, and his little expression caused female fans surprise screaming. That the fans as 'female', the pick up date when state of mind, it was only the entertainment a high eq is no semicolon sunshine boy love beans. Li yi feng local tyrants gold frame sunglasses in the airport, very handsome in addition to the number to pick up a few die-hards are specially female fans, li yi feng also harvest a lot of passers-by onlookers take pictures all the way, even passing foreign uncle is attracted to his light, regardless of their trips over pile of luggage, also want to raise their cell phones li yi feng's beauty. Encountered such a fan of fengfeng you received it. Fengfeng tongue show MOE li yi feng easily enjoy popularity all the way, but the staff to get very nervous, four black male bodyguards in the former two people open, two people tightly guarded him, 'superstar' style. Li yi feng fan all the way to the parking lot, don't forget to loudly say 'bye-bye'. Was a stranger in the eyes of the crazy, in the eyes of fans and li yi feng, no problem is a rare sweet appointment. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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