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Li-ying zhao sunglasses masks arm appeared in the airport

by:Eugenia     2020-09-05
Since debut, li-ying zhao screen image or sweet, or dust, in the 'spend bone' are the two qualities to high standards, but as his back, li-ying zhao turned out to be a girl killed matt of department. Li-ying zhao wore a large oval sunglasses and masks arm she was wearing dark glasses and masks at the capital airport, is different from the little fresh hot scene appeared in the airport, the 'little fresh female' not only no one to pick up, but also because of the parcel too sealed without being recognized, and the day she only brought an assistant, no big brigade surrounded, a bit lonely. But li-ying zhao seems to ostentation and extravagance of what all don't care, are in their own world. Modelling of the day she is very strange, wearing a cap, wear a pair of big round glasses, hands holding a great u-shaped pillow, wearing benben platform sandals, small bags hanging on a powder soft hat, even your headphones is also a girl powder, the whole outfit is to write a big 'sprout' word, but too hard and instead of appearing kill matt street girls tinge, trough points too much, let a person is under the mouth. Transparent wearing a white dress, with a denim jacket, wait a minute, this is not an ordinary coat, behind the great mystery, turned out to be completely backless, seem to also can see the trace of gleaming black underwear, is the small make up giddy? Li-ying zhao the arm looks really cute, at the same time, let her off the hook - — Fans of containment. But fun to ridicule, li-ying zhao was 28, indeed, look like 18 years old girl, shed tears of envy letting a person. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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