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Li-ying zhao with sunglasses is recommended

by:Eugenia     2020-08-02
Li-ying zhao although before is black, but she ignored the gossip, a heart devoted to her career, from perseverance kind Lu Zhen to don't forget to beginner's mind always struggle of xue shanshan, to later strong loyalty to spend thousands of bone, her work finally slowly got everyone's approval. The grade of in addition, she also slowly has improved, the title of the steamed stuffed bun face gradually forgotten, fashion, lovely, handsome, the goddess of words such as being her escape! Is this why? If you watch the airport li-ying zhao as you know! Every appearance is high pretend bility sunglasses, different modelling is dressed up, different shades, so painstakingly ossicle finally is getting closer and closer to fashion! A big white along the hat handsome fashion, with a pair of sunglasses, eyebrow rose Angle and the steamed stuffed bun face completely disappeared, there is a seaside holiday relaxed feeling, summer shade and gucci fashion ~ GG3674 / S unisex sunglass although this gucci sunglasses and small bone sunglasses is slightly different, but sexy and covered in the face, and have more advantages oh ~ show the white hat again bright black hat, relaxed, missing a little more a cool trend, a pair of big box sunglasses is your face covered to more than half, and mirror legs place of hollow out design make sunglasses modification effect better, and increase the element of personality. Li-ying zhao in same sunglasses! Big! Infinite! Is the highest state of fashion, this pair of sunglasses to wear li-ying zhao in the face, it's a little face made explicit, and V face oh. The collocation that is a hat and sunglasses, but this time, more personalized, anti wear baseball caps, eye a black square, like a handsome young man. Ray-ban RB2140 - F square box sunglasses sunglasses have a handsome, neutralization elements doping, but also the angular face foil. Anta AT8005C2 fashion sunglasses, this one is a photo of li-ying zhao yesterday at the airport is also a pair of dark brown sunglasses covered surface, and the box leisure fashion. Plus side two assistant escort, as if T stage show at the airport.
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