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Li yundi wear ROM manager Lotos8K platinum glasses at the first night of platinum blue gems

by:Eugenia     2020-08-28
From 1872 in one hundred, Germany brand of top class handmade jewelry glasses ROM manager ( Lotos) Before, in the four seasons hotel in Beijing held a splendid banquet - Premier Schatze auf Blau first night of platinum blue gems. Site VIP celebrities, glasses industry leaders come together to international piano superstar li yundi more wear ROM manager ( Lotos) Glasses was invited to attend, the brand's President and family fifth-generation successor Mr Steve schmidt also far from Germany to fly to Beijing on events, a total of haocha. Li yundi Lotos 18 k rose gold glasses worn by the ROM manager ( Lotos) Popular European countries such as France, Britain and Monaco's royal family, the society the favour of famous persons, delegate some of the best brand according to its requirements custom-made high-end frames. The international piano superstar ROM manager (Mr Li yundi also worn Lotos) 18 k white gold glasses to attend the activities, the diamond of bright mirror arm yi yi is unripe brightness, exquisite design and stunning special craft, become the focus of his attention. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact
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