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Light color sunglasses more beneficial to health

by:Eugenia     2020-08-05
Summer wear sunglasses in the outdoor is a protection to the eyes. But eye experts stressed that must wear qualified sunglasses. A pair of qualified sunglasses must be able to hold back by ultraviolet ray, the different colors of the traffic signal with good resolution, and regular sunglasses belong to light series, diopter strict control at zero. 008 degrees. Recommended reading: sunglasses sunglasses factory skills of ophthalmology of choose and buy, said an expert in the clinic, she often encounter some wearing sunglasses is tears, afraid of the light of the patients. Most of the time they choose are red and green sunglasses, the light color and medical claims on the violation. In fact, is good for the eyes color is dark brown, light green, etc. Wear too deep color glasses can make eyes in a dark room environment, the person's eye pupil in dark environment will automatically expand, pupil long-term expansion easy cause diseases such as glaucoma; Inferior sunglasses also can cause more ultraviolet penetration eyes, easy to cause the sunlight keratitis, corneal endothelial injury, eye diseases such as macular change color; Darker glasses make the eye's ability to distinguish colors, it's easy to have a color confusion, causing a traffic accident. Summer should try to wear sunglasses in the outdoor, but not all are suitable. Without the sun shade, can take the sunglasses off, let your eyes rest in natural light offline for a while. How to choose and buy sunglasses when buying sunglasses, it is important to note that the product of the lens, tag, color and UV index. Every formal qualified products through the quality inspection certificate, should let business to produce relevant certificates when buy. This should not be ignored. For uv protection, it is better to buy light grey, green, blue gray real shade the lens of sunglasses, because these relatively subdued color, looking at nature does not change color. For sunglasses, UV ultraviolet index is filtering effect is an important standard. At present, most of the sunglasses UV index in 96 - 98%, dark lenses must be better than the light color lenses. How to wear sunglasses. 1. Ordinary people if not like mountaineers or people with special needs, it is best not to wear sunglasses for a long time. 2. Generally people wear sunglasses now, besides the functions of protection, will also consider the role of the adornment, but you also can't for the sake of a beautiful forget their health. 3. A lot of people from outdoor to indoor also don't pick sunglasses, this is a bad habit, indoor light intensity, no need to wear sunglasses. 4. Sunglasses can not wear for a long time, if feel some eye fatigue, or worn after 30 minutes, pick the best let an eye for a change of environment. 5. In the age of 40 and older and people with glaucoma are not suitable for wearing sunglasses. 吗? 吗?
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