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Lin and Helen Keller sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-03
Recently, the goddess Lin wore a Helen Keller sunglasses appeared in front of people, although looked from the age she is no longer young, but looks a bit not see age, rather than the average person more mature lasting appeal of a woman. Lin has a black and white plaid dress collocation knit cap, the rack brands Helen Keller ( Helen Keller) Sunglasses, fresh and elegant temperament extraordinary chi ling elder sister face photo requirements, legs slightly bent painstakingly, very sweet. Pure manual carve technique makes the exquisite luxury the picture frame, and exquisite of floating hollow-out lozenge pattern on sparkle metal brand logo, like the sun shine makes eyes between yi yi is unripe brightness, dreaming, just like time flows between the eyes. Helen Keller sunglasses design concept for the design of Helen Keller sunglasses to Europe and the United States concept and fused together Oriental classic aesthetic point of view, making more joint Oriental fashion models, the fascinating Oriental charm of perfection. Products not only focus on material and fine workmanship, excellent character and cultural connotation of preferred brand. Lin design style sunglasses 'exquisite woman' is Lin designed gain inspiration from diamond. Diamond classic 'eight arrows eight heart' cutting process can make more bright and dazzling diamond. Eight heart 'and' eight arrows represent the eight beautiful moments of love, Lin in the design of 'exquisite woman' style with the help of this element, its leg in eight of the hollow out surface represents the most charming woman's eight kinds of beauty: elegant, intellectual, wisdom, fashionable, sexy, confident, lasting appeal, and inclusive, each hollow out surface with Helen Keller brand logo, like a diamond in the 'eight arrows eight heart' with exquisite charm. Lin says that she has always enjoyed 'landscape' of women, they set of wisdom, temperament, beautiful, send out is not the same on each side of elegant lasting appeal. 'Landscape, elegant and easy' is the 'exquisite woman' a perfect interpretation of Helen Keller brand spirit.
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