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Lin sunglasses pure and fresh and elegant temperament extraordinary

by:Eugenia     2020-08-03
Lin has been referred to as the goddess of youth, but the goddess of youth is a famous sunglasses, also claim to be without makeup don't wear sunglasses don't go out! Recently she dresses in black and white squares collocation knit cap, the rack brands Helen Keller ( Helen Keller) Sunglasses, pure and fresh and elegant, temperament extraordinary. 海伦·凯勒- Bright light/H8508 - series P02 pure manual carve technique create exquisite luxury boxes, exquisite and floating hollow-out lozenge pattern on sparkle metal brand logo, like the sun shine makes eyes between yi yi is unripe brightness, dreaming, just like time flows between the eyes. The screen of the chi ling sister was even more charming and elegant, this pair of sunglasses wine red frame give a person a kind of mature charm, gradient lens lets a person a little personality and nifty, very sexy. Lin with sunglasses the sunglasses and Lin wear very similar, and mirror legs place more metal snake body design, there is a clever and beauty and curvaceous, of primitive simplicity and elegant, unique flavor.
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