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Lin tell you swagger or small pure and fresh and is the key to a pair of sunglasses!

by:Eugenia     2020-08-03
In 2008, is still in the junior high selected by the director zhang yimou Lin in the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony and closing ceremony of the show. In the opening ceremony, she is to take the children picture scroll of the teacher; The closing ceremony of extinguishing the flame, Lin played a volunteer. So over the years, Lin fall the goddess of the rocks is more and more strong, of course, can also be proud! Such a shift only need a pair of sunglasses! Domineering retro rocks Lin exposure of a set of hutong retro photo. In this photo, she sometimes small dew shoulder, eyes blurred, languid is lazy and do not break the atmosphere, all show tide restoring ancient ways. A pair of yellow novel design sunglasses as a decoration, is a major bright spot! Pure and fresh atmosphere rocks Lin, wearing a striped shirt and white knee-length dress, simple and agile fashion sense, wear fashion circle frame sunglasses, looks very atmospheric.
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