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Lin xiaofeng and ekin into glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-18
Of Shanghai gold enjoy meeting on October 19, Leo, ekin cheng and Lin xiaofeng the two generations of young people 'old friends' appeared on the stage, immediately won cheers. Two days ago, their '2015 years young and dangerous friendship concert' held at the Mercedes Benz cultural centre, tickets sold out in a minute. This is Leo liu Yang digital network vice President decided to invite them to the centre theatre. This year is 'gangster' feelings of recovery for a year, the 'pancake man' at the end of first dapeng director, five of them together to battle, cause the audience surprise, skoda collective endorsement after 2016 the Yeti began to popular online video ads. 30 away at that time, countless men and women themselves during adolescence were sigh up for the 'chan ho-nam', 'chicken' with time. Ekin cheng said. 'I actually is a 'study monk, in addition to acting, singing is my favorite thing, I secretly like travel adventure, research on digital products and play online games'. While Lin xiaofeng has more intuitive grasp to the trend of science and technology, he came to Shanghai during the performance, in order to reduce the distance with the fans, even download an APP to learn Shanghai dialect. Revealed he will be particularly enjoying together with wife use shopping APP, 'taobao, weibo, WeChat is I like of the platform. 'Liu Yang does not lose the opportunity brought about star crossover subject in the field of fashion, science and technology, and asked the ekin cheng will take for digital preferences into investment business. 'Put the content of the tourism in the APP. 'Ekin answer way. Lin xiaofeng, added: 'we use our two perspectives to take you to see the world is going to be fun. Such as shortly before the health risk to take me to Australia, I really can't experience, there are a lot of projects such as diving, cliff, I was thinking can be initiated in the APP interaction. 'In addition to the travel APP in the idea, Lin xiaofeng said they also another investment plans,' I'll do the glasses design, want to use behind-the-scenes boss zheng total ( Ekin cheng) Attract investors, in the name of the I was responsible for the design and operation, the other is business secret for the time being. 'Artist crossover in this age has not curious, Ren Quan set up funds to invest in the Internet, zhao wei has its own winery, packages bear opened a hot-pot restaurant, even from the director of pancakes spiderman dapeng is also experienced a series of turn from the host to the actor to the director. To the forests of eastern part and ekin cheng business plan, a person related to Leo group expressed strong interest to the interface press: 'Leo strengths lies in one-stop digital driven integration services, from resources to digital marketing strength to support them. If they do have interest in making APP, whether early flow provided or brand promotion, after a thorough cooperation is not a problem. 'Chan ho-nam and foreskin ambitions, is more than just stay in causeway bay of nostalgia in the river's lake. Image network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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