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Linda Farrow to launch the new spring/summer 2015 sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-09-02
Linda Farrow high-end glasses brand was founded in 1970, immediately become the darling of the private of London fashion and celebrities around. Originally fashion designer Linda Farrow was the first to incorporate sunglasses in fashion, and discern the pulse of The Times, more avant-garde abnormality glasses series. Love to try and innovation she pioneered many still more classic fashion style. She to luxury, innovation and pursuit of avant-garde design, write down nearly 40 years of magnificent history for the brand. Today, Linda Farrow still often cooperate with international reputation of the designer, and introduced the wide variety of retro sunglasses, become the fashion industry's leading beer brand. Linda Farrow nearly every year over the past few years to launch the new sunglasses. Present the new spring and summer, Linda Farrow2015 sunglasses Glasstique readily Linda Farrow 2015 chun xia series, bring glasses distinctive gourmet. New series of playing creative proportion, adopt new coloring technology and decorative details, explore the avant-garde design, fashion glasses will Linda Farrow classic luxury materials, meticulous deduced to get incisively and vividly decorated with delicate details. The new spring and summer, Linda Farrow2015 sunglasses today season series launched 20 new sunglasses and 10 new optical glasses, with shiny metallic color, snakeskin, titanium metal, acetate and movement style rubber details, interweave the wonderful design. Is also a bright color supplement, neutral shades and colors reflect each other, sweet soft pink with shiny metallic color and gold burst sparks, its effect. Combined with a variety of metal parts glasses is tonal, refined and do not break vogue particularly, distribute the breath in summer leisure. The new spring and summer, Linda Farrow2015 sunglasses frame lines also show novel scale, abnormality of dainty design, more lightsome.
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