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List of brand of homebred sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-28
In recent years, more and more domestic sunglasses brand is well known, and below small make up take a look at list of brand of homebred sunglasses! ! ! ! Suddenly and violently longan sunglasses tyrannosaurus ( Bolon) Glasses adhering to the 'enjoy' design concept, its glass frame combination of fashion and classics, follow the fashion trends of the world, using advanced color matching technology and membrane technology, get pleased many advocates of fashionable personage love and favor, and domestic and foreign well-known brand of sunglasses. Send li meng sunglasses sent li meng glass frame due to the influence of European and American style, in the design is a blend of fashion, durable, comfortable, and many other elements, considering the characteristics of the east face, constantly update and improve, make every consumer can wear comfortable, natural, and durable, fashion. Protect the sunglasses protect st xiamen all holy industrial co. , LTD. Popular brand of glasses, its glass frame design is mainly based on the wearer's favorite, using advanced and exquisite craft, for each wearer improve unprecedented comfort and fashion sense. Especially SAN bao sun picture frame, not only wear easily and easy, and comfort to you won't feel any sense of extrusion. Dolphins are sunglasses sunglasses in fashion capital, Hong Kong, a dolphin pitches and jump in the Ocean Park, inspired the birth of a brand fashion sunglasses, this is the 'dolphin ( PORPOISE) ”。 A symbol of the spiritual and leaping dolphins, dynamic, individuality, freedom, have the courage to challenge; Catch vogue with their own sense of touch, in unique ways & quot; Look at the world & quot; 。
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