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'Little cheetah' Ryan designed sunglasses strong join 'public welfare star design'

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
Third bazaar, the launch of 'public welfare star design' with the first two years of huge success, the public welfare star design invited 'cheetah' Ryan strength, to participate in the design of a new season of the sun glasses. 'Play of male god' series of glasses, simple, direct, full of power, and the children in poor areas spread positive energy. In the design of the glasses, as interpreted by the Ryan 'cool', is do you think the right thing. Red circle in the movies, you did not think Ryan will go to a competitive kind of reality show, but it is precisely this 'run to it, brothers' 'Ryan will have been behind the film role to show all the audience. Run male to shape him as 'a little cheetah,' full of positive energy, and humorous personality, ushered in the year for his career, like running male spread health ideas for everyone, Ryan from the early stages of career to convey pollution-free positive energy. He step by step from character to the male one, from an unknown small actors become peoples to big star now, he has been working hard, never give up. He appeared in public welfare short film, supporting her charity green run, quietly doing the social public welfare activities. To bazaar, designed the sun glasses, only to dream weavers in poor areas children dream of art. No portion of charity, he thought, 10-year and star, everyone should practice to participate in charitable activities, like the bazaar 'public welfare star design', running male will give children in the poor areas to build the runway, playgrounds, and other public welfare activities. Food and clothes for the children in the poor areas are important, but the donation and dreams about, also for the children's heart healthy development has important use. Bazaar for helping children dream of practitioners, has developed to the third 'public welfare star design', constantly invite new star to join, more charity item designed to help more children to realize dream of art.
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