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Liu tao fashion sunglasses street snap

by:Eugenia     2020-08-29
Liu tao, believe you on this once the small jasper now must have impression goddess of wen wan. Yes, tamia is liu tao. Recently, liu tao filmed in New York for a series of in their own English name 'tamia' as the theme of the cover photo, with its elegant changed shape become the fashion ICON of vital qi in the fashion circle now. Liu tao fashion street snap large once married, liu tao when their husband business fell to the floor resolutely hold up the family, this delicate look graceful women use their own actions to prove the original intention of getting married - — Withstand much glory, are how to live. In this large group of New York, liu tao a blue flashing OP. Plus a spell leather coat, delicate makeup look, the stubborn Chinese red with conspicuous all the more. Has no influence behind the skyscrapers liu tao's auras, if once liu tao like a small plant summer lotus, so after rain fog through the years, she has quietly bloom, become to let all men to move for the steel roses. Liu tao fashion sunglasses street snap large liu tao it is a person ACTS the role of multiple roles - — A good wife, good mother, good actress. Her adept in these three roles, goddess of wear evening dress is the pride of the red carpet, put on casual wear Liu Taoze much a few minutes of wen wan little woman flavour. Black jazz cap on a circle metal rings, much a few minutes after liu tao in leisure fashion, gray capable coat is contracted and generous, white printed t-shirts, revealed a bit childish. So flat and agile and liu tao, become the bridge of Chinese landscape, New York, title is of vital qi fashion ICON. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact
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