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LiuYanXiu changed lens type interpretations of various rocks

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
LiuYanXiu changed lens type, different collocation fully show the sex appeal, charm, occupation, literature and art, pure five traits. Willow lithology sense along with the gender island, according to wear the outfit that show a waist show small pretty waist, waist of tight waist height is highlighted their proud, be vividly portrayed, circular box type cool sunglasses particularly aggressive. A green hollow out leather, sexy, perfect figure, plump breasts be vividly portrayed, charm has the feeling of a little sad. Ada a sleeveless professional attire, spell able, half wore shirts more domineering sliding sideways, sexy. On a pair of wine red sunglasses, but also show the mature female glamour. A tan dress, a pair of fashionable sunglasses, hair roll up, like the girl. Her eyes staring at the existence of god on his desk somewhere, hand lifted a few cherry sent to the mouth, the whole a pair of absent-minded, give a person a kind of literary bitter feeling of nostalgia. Ada T hot pants with white frame sunglasses restoring ancient ways, white waves long hair hair ornament blue flower, back inky backpack Ada pure sweet, du mouth spit tongue show MOE as jiao qiao sister next door.
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