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Loewe new fashion sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-26
Since the beginning of the 19th century, LOEWE is the leading brand in Spain, the famous leather goods as well as fashion accessories, craft meticulous, full of rich romantic quaint style of Mediterranean culture, and won the recognition around the world. Loewe2014 new spring and summer fashion sunglasses have adopted advanced materials, in creating unique and new design at the same time, still loyal to the genes derived from Spain's international luxury brands. Men series also has a lot of exquisite details, and is a noble materials such as leather and wood modification of basic design. Ms series. Excelsior metal, fine leather inlay and the detailed decoration tang were given details like jewelry a dab hand, reveal the unique brand personality and elegant temperament. LOEWE iconic handbags series made by brand inspiration, to create a unique new sunglasses series, fashion and classic design, add contemporary youth and beauty, and in a variety of details such as mirror lenses stereo logo with a variety of colours. With the outline of style restoring ancient ways, Large, pilots and the cat's eye) Cooperate with various by shallow ( Gray, the color or peach color) To deep ( Dark red, blue, grape or coral) Tonal, make this new series in modern elements and traditional traits can achieve perfect balance. Loewe men sunglasses for men. LOEWE bring men this time with more elaborate details, and with noble materials such as leather and wood modification of basic design. Series is the theme of the classic elegant and easy style, inspired by Amazona male leading role of LOEWE handbags, derive various special products, such as classic metal pilot design into a broad rectangular plastic design, etc. Unique individual character of the men sunglasses for them as a better choice of modern man. Many stars artists particularly favoured LOEWE classic fashion sunglasses!
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