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Long for what sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-06
As we all know, when choosing sunglasses not only according to the material and style, and a reference to his own face, choose to suit oneself wears is good-looking. So everyone's face are different, which can be roughly divided into several kinds: long, a square face, a round face, small make up today to introduce what is long for sunglasses. Sunglasses factory ms YC9702 sunglasses C3 black/lens dazzle colour blue face when choosing glasses the most key, of course, is to 'avoid face long' in general, long suit to wear round and square sunglasses, and sunglasses can choose partial bigger, placed with eyebrow, below is slightly rounded. This would cover part of the face to face can appear smaller. But the picture frame cannot be wider than the cheek, lest appear face longer. Face suitable sunglasses contain circular or curved surface, slightly thick mirror feet, can be less face of narrow sense as well. Long show a long face, jaw line hale and hearty, face of the MM can bang to stay and keep out, choose round sunglasses to mitigate the longer-face hale sense. Men can choose to streamline the framework to mitigate face. Or choose not prominent edges and corners, frame is relatively coarse, founder of the picture frame to reduce this kind of face, long face so more dash forward show temperament. Most are not suitable for the longer-face people sunglasses is butterfly sunglasses look for sunglasses color choices. If it is close to brown hair, skin is more white, can choose to wear brown, pink, blue, green, lilac, and light brown sunglasses. If the hair color is close to brown hair, yellow skin, choose to wear pink, brown, red, pink, purple, or blue sunglasses will look better. Black hair, skin medium, can wear pink, purple, deep shades of red, blue, green. Hair color is black and black color also, optional dark color is better. Suitable for red, purple, brown sunglasses.
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