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Long-term wear sunglasses for your eyes? Often wear sunglasses what's the harm

by:Eugenia     2020-08-09
Dark glasses and sunglasses, it is under strong light eye protection 'labor protection supplies. Wear this kind of lens can block ultraviolet and infrared light, at the same time, the color of the external environment does not change, only the light intensity change, like a cloudy day, feel cool and comfortable. American journal of medicine and science, published an article points out that in most cases, the main purpose of people wearing sunglasses or prevent ultraviolet ray, but probably exists in the know 'myth'. For example, some people think that since sunglasses can prevent ultraviolet ray, so wear the longer, preventing effect should be better. They almost every day to go out, therefore, was wearing sunglasses, even indoors too lazy to pick. From the point of view of eye health, this habit should be corrected in time. Ray-ban RB3025 unisex sunglass 112/17 blue gold box ( Colorful) Sunglasses for a long time after the disadvantages of ordinary people to wear sunglasses, the feeling of eyes to the outside world objects will have very big difference, peace embodied in the following two aspects: first of all, the eyes see things are quite different from the contrast. After sunglasses, many people will feel something is as clear as it don't wear sunglasses when, in order to see better, they will naturally hard watch objects, time is long, the fatigue of the eye will increase. Ophthalmology expert thinks, colored glasses can let a person eyes in a relatively dim light, the pupil will subconsciously loose big, if the person's eye is in this state for a long time, even if the original vision again good, also in the future will be degraded. The degradation process is slow, however, is not easy to detect in the short term, it is easier to make people treat STH lightly. Second, although the ultraviolet ray in sunshine can be glasses lens parts blocked, but medical research proves that ultraviolet ray is absorbed by the lens after first spread out, therefore, sunglasses, the pupil will be in a state of flickering, big and small, this is why people just after sunglasses will feel uncomfortable. Business in New York eye clinic for nearly 20 years of Edward said the doctor, his patient a lot of people in the vision is quite good, but all of a sudden there was a will feel discomfort. On examination, he found that it's all dark glasses. These slight ophthalmic patients, because of the need to drive, so almost all have the habit of wearing sunglasses at ordinary times, enter indoor rarely took off her dark glasses after you get off, some even wear for more than eight hours, caused harm to eye health. Sunglasses for a long time suffer from 'sunglasses syndrome' du who wear sunglasses has become a habit, as long as there is the sun will have to wear sunglasses. Expert introduction, wearing dark glasses can indeed reduce uv damage to the eyes, but it is important to note that improper selection and wear sunglasses can damage eyes, damage eyesight. And sunglasses to wear time shoulds not be too long, long time continuous 1 - sunglasses 2 weeks later, the eyes or between two cheek can appear the symptom such as skin numbness, perception dull; You have nasal discomfort feeling breath, as suffering from cold; Some people will feel the bugs crawl on the face, eyes acid bilges, these are 'sunglasses syndrome'. Sunglasses factory YC9711 C1 black men sunglasses/dazzle colour red inferior sunglasses the most hurt eyes Edward doctor advise people must be careful when choosing a sunglasses, not penny cheap to buy inferior sunglasses. If it is not in ultraviolet ray environment, should be timely took off her dark glasses. At the same time, to be on the safe side, suffering from glaucoma, color blindness, night blindness and optic nerve retinal inflammation from sunglasses, best visual degradation of middle-aged and old people and optic nerve fragile preschoolers, at any time should not be wearing sunglasses. This article from 360 knowledge network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. cn
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