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Look at the international big back big frame sunglasses agitation in new era

by:Eugenia     2020-08-01
Changes in the trend of sunglasses for decades, popular in the 1970 s of the big picture frame type sunglasses be judged as 'star of the very' style, and big picture frame sunglasses agitation restoring ancient ways in recent years to repeat itself, in the name of the many famous international luxury brands are mostly involved in the popular agitation. Let's take a look at what are involved in this brand of sunglasses rebirth ~ nonnative x KANEKO, a new joint release 'Cooper' sunglasses nonnative and KANEKO, launched during the past many joint style sunglasses, this time the two sides to return to this area, and boldly jumped out of the traditional DWELLER style, with a group called 'Cooper' new model. New style by classical model and technique of expression of the transparent sheet, the perfect fusion of traditional and modern. At the same time more side in a metal buttons as ornament. MCM (MCM released new glasses 现代慕尼黑创造) Series of the classic image of implement brand new glasses combine elements of luxury and modern personality aesthetics. Brand is committed to outstanding technology and advanced technology, create excellent quality fashion glasses. New MCM glasses modelling changeable, special details, and use the brand logo as the main elements of design, successful make a much-anticipated glasses series. Joint Prada Miu Miu released 2016 new glasses series new series is the embodiment of the Prada brand DNA, to challenge the traditional, the heart cool design, toppled the normal definition of grace. A new series of glasses to contrast and differences reflect the unique creative ideas. The style of the new series, which fully reflects the characteristics of Miu Miu double-sided girl: rebellious bold and also has the incomparable woman flavour. Wide frames, contour line is like concealed, different style elements interweave, presented a leisurely another amorous feelings, personality is permeated with the design of the products. Big frame sunglasses recommend: sunglasses factory YC9705 general light black/dazzle colour blue sunglasses sunglasses C3 plant YC9702 C3 black/ms sunglasses lens dazzle colour blue
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