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Look at the stars big sunglasses fashion

by:Eugenia     2020-08-03
Big sunglasses fashion is never cut in recent years, each big sunglasses can not only avoid wind Yang, also can achieve your V face. Big stars are also love fashion sunglasses, do not believe we'll see if our Shen Mengchen, Zeng Shunxi, jinchen stars such as sunglasses! Shen Mengchen embodiment green girl, wear overalls, comb air balls head bang, wearing a Gentle Monster of THE DREAMER series sunglasses, oversized mirror, looks very cute. Pure and fresh temperament jinchen with centerless mage, outstanding works such as 'van of xianjian cloud' promotion sentiment floret denier. White overalls + T, pure and fresh and natural, capable of modelling show genuine personality. Classical temperament and fashionable fashionable all can harness jinchen, but also with its own unique glamour brand-new deduce the MCM sunglasses. Cixin MCM 623 sk cool fashion, oversized mirror surface texture rich plank material collocation, brand trademark rivet details compose on its leg, more add whatever you chic! Hairong tian photo exposure of a set of Paris street, in summer the noisy streets of Paris, dressed in a rich artistic flower modelling, lace-up trench coat, the outline of fine waist and ankle, carefully with the wind flap of black curly hair, French romantic elegance, tie-in cool big box aviator sunglasses, all show fashionable van. 'Large seed' Zeng Shunxi all black modelling, particularly handsome cool, tie-in and Gentle Monster of JUMPING JACK series sunglasses, all show yuppie fashion. 温柔的怪物, 跳爆竹02 ( P) Recommend a big frame glasses: sunglasses factory YC9705 general C7 white/dazzle colour purple ray-ban sunglasses RB3449 sunglasses silver shallow silver 003/30 C01 frame sunglasses factory S9103 sunglasses black/lens gradient gray
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