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Looking at the characteristics of plastics from the advantages and disadvantages---supply acrylic lens cutting

by:Eugenia     2022-01-09
The advantages of plastics are easy to process and easy to manufacture (easy to shape) Even if the geometry of the product is quite complicated, it is relatively easy to manufacture as long as it can be released from the mold. Therefore, its efficiency is far better than that of metal processing, especially injection molded products. After a process, a very complex finished product can be manufactured. It can be colored as needed or made into transparent products. Plastics can be used to make colorful, transparent and beautiful products. It can still be colored at will, which can increase its product value and give people a bright feeling. It can produce light-weight and high-strength products. Compared with metal and ceramic products, it has lighter weight, better mechanical properties, and higher specific strength (the ratio of strength to density), so it can be made into light-weight and high-strength products. Especially after filling glass fiber, its strength can be improved. In addition, because plastics are light in weight and can save energy, their products are becoming lighter. It is not rusty or corroded. Plastics are generally resistant to corrosion by various chemicals and will not rust or corrode as easily as metals. There is no need to worry about the erosion of acids, alkalis, salts, oils, medicines, moisture and molds when using it. It is not easy to transfer heat and has good thermal insulation performance. Because plastics have a large specific heat, low thermal conductivity, and are difficult to transfer heat, their thermal insulation and thermal insulation effects are good. It can make both conductive parts and insulating products. Plastic itself is a very good insulating material. At present, it can be said that there is no electrical product that does not use plastic. However, if the plastic is filled with metal powder or scraps for molding, it can also be made into a product with good electrical conductivity. Excellent shock absorption and sound absorption performance, good light transmission Plastics have excellent shock absorption and sound absorption properties; transparent plastics (such as PMMA, PS, PC, etc.) can be made into transparent plastic products (such as lenses, signs, cover plates, etc.) . Low product manufacturing costs Although plastic raw materials themselves are not so cheap, because plastics are easy to process and equipment costs are relatively low, product costs can be reduced. Looking at the characteristics of plastics from the advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages of plastics. Poor heat resistance and easy to burn. This is the biggest disadvantage of plastics. Compared with metal and glass products, its heat resistance is far inferior. If the temperature is higher, it will deform and burn easily. When burning, most plastics can generate a lot of heat, smoke and toxic gases; even for thermosetting resins, it will smoke and peel off when it exceeds 200 degrees Celsius. With the change of temperature, the nature will change greatly. It goes without saying that the high temperature will greatly change the various properties even in the case of low temperature. Lower mechanical strength Compared with the same volume of metal, the mechanical strength is much lower, especially for thin products. This difference is particularly obvious. Prone to corrosion by special solvents and chemicals Generally speaking, plastics are less susceptible to corrosion by chemicals, but some plastics (such as: PC, ABS, PS, etc.) have very poor properties in this respect; in general, thermosetting resins are resistant to corrosion Sex is quite strong. Poor durability and easy aging No matter the strength, surface gloss or transparency, it is not durable, and creeps under load. In addition, all plastics are afraid of ultraviolet rays and sunlight, and will age under the action of light, oxygen, heat, water and atmospheric environment. It is easy to be damaged, and it is also easy to be contaminated with dust and dirt. The surface hardness of plastic is relatively low, and it is easy to be damaged; in addition, because it is an insulator, it is electrostatically charged, so it is easy to be contaminated with dust. Poor dimensional stability Compared with metal, plastic has a high shrinkage rate, so it is difficult to ensure dimensional accuracy. When dampness, moisture absorption or temperature changes during use, the size is easy to change over time. Supply of acrylic lens cutting
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