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Love fashion, glasses how can you less

by:Eugenia     2020-08-11
With the development of the trend, glasses are no longer our traditional cognition, is no longer forced to accept, now it is more of a decoration, is a young man show their ways and means.
no lenses can cover the black rim of the eye
in the midst of a large number of users without lenses, there are quite a number of people for the & # 8220; Cover the black rim of the eye & # 8221; , like the stars in the case of makeup look is bad or not take the sunglasses to keep out. But note that although can cover the black rim of the eye glasses frame, but it also needs a more delicate eye makeup to supplement, there is no a reflection of the lens, you will be exposed eye problems.
at the same time, the glasses can also change face to some extent, so also want to have a choice: when wearing this season everyone's preference for dark frame glasses, frames the aspect ratio is very important, not too thick oblong shape, frame glasses can make the face look smaller; Dark narrow width of the box frame glasses, is a joker, suitable for almost all face; And oversized glasses, very suitable for small face girl; Circular glasses pick people, suitable for facial lines have stereo feeling.
color borders also follow red
in plate glasses just became popular, most people who wearing flat glasses sven route, design elegant black glasses are popular. Now that everybody is no lens glasses, want of course is maverick effect, so how remarkable how to.
the first is the colorful, near color borders also welcome, little girls tend to buy several pair, with different outfits. White and black the same classic, but more difficult to grasp, so the white frame glasses of face shape, skin color or hairstyle has certain requirements. However, if you have enough confidence to attract the attention of others, so white glasses to bring the effect will be better than any other color.
followed by other popular element, like a leopard print red for several seasons, now it is printed to the frame without lenses. Note that due to the glasses on the whole modelling the proportion is not large, so a good pick more eye-catching decorative pattern and color. Another popular element is crystal, these small sequins are ubiquitous, mobile phone back, U disk, evening dress & # 8230; … Black, mei red, purple, etc. , posted crystal glasses, is a new wardrobe of party animals. After
if your fashion quotient is very high, might as well to do further attempt, add some exaggerated decorative glasses, such as a feather. Also don't forget to wear lenses, by changing the color of the eyes, to cooperate with the dazzle eye glasses, achieve high standards of eye effect.
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