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Magic glasses from anime

by:Eugenia     2020-07-21
Real glasses are diverse, let a person too many things to see, does not have played an important role in itself as the 'glasses', if we are to the world of anime, what will become of glasses? Let's take a look at from anime magic glasses! Track the glasses offenders to track you heard of glasses? Sounds like very tall on the appearance, but in fact it is the props in the cartoon detective conan. Prisoners to track the glasses in tracking function with hacking function concurrently at the same time, from the position of the sticker transmitter are acceptable signal within the radius of 20 km, performance on the glasses on the left side of the LCD screen. With this kind of glasses, conan catch criminals becomes more quickly. OTT OTT glasses glasses just as its name implies is a prop of ultraman series, it is the severn, simulation of the adult type, let him become the severn tools here. In 1986 seal sauri Ruth after 20 years, because know you don't have much energy, so don't use the OTT glasses. But when his brother mebius, disaster, resolutely wore glasses, help troubled his younger brother. Allah's glasses, diffuse Allah she is toei heavy plate made in 1997, the author in the works of fiction, 'penguin village' from the remote village of the city. In a village with a self-righteous genius is Dr Qian a weapon, he wanted to make a robot like reality, so Allah created grey. A series of the story of the absurd and collection launched from now on. Believe everyone wondering Allah she is wearing a regular glasses, what is the magic? Allah's glasses not only set off a upsurge of glasses, let a lot of lovely girls imitators, what is more, wearing glasses can become really lovely. Saw photos of weibo little red grapes, did you also want to et a pair? Below small make up to recommend to you our sunglasses factory website for sale of Allah bud with glasses. Sunglasses factory cute casual men's and women's super light plate full box myopia glasses
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