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Magic Leap VR glasses design disclosure: resembles the ancient warrior helmet

by:Eugenia     2020-07-31
According to wired magazine, mysterious augmented reality startup Magic Leap has just received a augmented reality wearing equipment patents. The giants such as Google, warner bros. , jpmorgan chase were supported by the company, hope that through this equipment will schedule, family photos, jellyfish dynamic image overlay to daily life. The so-called augmented reality is a lot of people as the next wave of major trends of consumer technology. Magic Leap of the design patent is on Tuesday, it can help us to catch a glimpse in recent years, the most revolutionary what is consumer electronic equipment. Unlike traditional virtual reality goggles, Magic Leap of the helmet allows the wearer to see around the scene, and then from all directions overlay virtual content. It is similar to some ill-fated Google glasses, can provide basic web search and map navigation, but visual effect is far from Magic Leap up. In Magic Leap in a promotional video released in April, a man saw around the desk after 3 d rendering of the daughter's school project, and he may want to buy shoes. After his head toward the top, they see some jellyfish floating over the table. It might be augmented reality company in the future will be far away friends before projection to the user. But it is unable to confirm whether Tuesday's design is Magic Leap first product final plan. Although the company raised a lot of money, but not released product release date. And in addition to the wired interviewed in April, they even never disclose any product information. This article from sina science and technology, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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