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Man nature watches and glasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-24
Watch, no doubt, for men is a quality, is the symbol of status and taste, so glasses? Nature of men watches and glasses? Before the man with glasses is foolish, and stay, a man wearing glasses today also implied that sprout, rich, handsome! Why do men wear a watch? The first is attitude. A man wearing a watch, usually means that the concept of time is strong, precise style. And people who do not wear a watch, or heading towards others for the time that suggests that the concept of time is not strong, and use a watch to see time is expressed respect for the customer. Again a little bit real, successful people need to seize the moment, attach importance to their own time, will need time, and watch you close, song time is normal wrist watch is elegant posture. Time is the two sides agreed in the contract, represents the good faith, punctuality and between strangers quickly send you this quality. The second is a rare good taste on different occasions, such as business, sports, leisure and social in the workplace, wear what brand of watches, what style have different standards, a watch 'winner-take-all' on all occasions dress behavior doesn't work, that is no taste. Has a real taste of people in different occasions match with different watch, because it not only represents the owner's wealth status, more show master's unique taste. After he said a confident why men wear a watch? Is a kind of confidence. A man wearing a table with a person who don't wear a watch, is two completely different people, people wear a watch time view, wear a watch is also a symbol of the mature man, can make each other feel your rigorous in confidence, will let each other more trust you, look at the heads of state on wrist. Seiko H1061c2 silver counters authentic code in half box men commercial pure titanium myopia glasses the same why men wear glasses? Glasses in men, is become in addition to watches, leather shoes, shirt, tie, rings, belts, lighter after another connotation extremely imagination the identity of the tag. First of all is art! A man wear glasses, can let you feel he is to be able to read a book to see the film, he will travel is a cat, he will drink coffee is silent, from his glasses you can imagine behind his world, the world is what you want, is the man you want, is the result of his glasses is to let you imagine, literature and art. The second is class! Identified are all details, and if he is wearing a pair of PRADA glasses, so he is likely to be both sophisticated and chic, cunning and human family; If he is wearing a ermenegildo ZEGNA, then he may be lucrative, a weekly, tenderness and unruly head of foreign companies in high-end. Details, everyone is inescapable. After it's sexy fashion! Like female fans said old cat sexy with glasses, glasses let many men have to beat, looks polite can for modelling, wild, rugged appearance can borrow the borders and convergence, put, put away; Accept to accept them. Glasses for men's sexy, desire is a kind of mixed with 7), mixed with the mixed entangled in ambiguity. Because that kind of glasses, can make you think he's literature and art, positioning of his class, his sex appeal, he can let you produce many kinds of imagination, because of the glasses that every kind of imagination is a metaphor of glasses.
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