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Marni 2011 big frame sunglasses series

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
2011 chun xia, Marni launched a series of transparent acetate material big frame sunglasses, this series with different geometric framework and the collocation of color lenses deduces retro and modern.

absolutely restoring ancient ways round lens groups, with light colored lenses with color picture frame, a great vintage style sheet is tasted, the ancient musthave's got talent.

angular square frame sunglasses more stylish charm, downy light colour collocation lens group, as a powerful aura will bring hale capable women.

downy light colour lens groups, large triangle frame, collocation fastens with color on both sides of the modelling of up slightly prominent nifty and enchanting, slender leg line contracted clear lens, and free from vulgarity atmosphere.

retro wide frame sunglasses, amber, blue gems, gradient black, translucent rose pink and gray brown temperament, exaggerated modelling stage feeling extremely wide box and dramatic, individual character make public, cool feels dye-in-the-wood, is a new tide of people will choose item.
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