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Match glasses - — The compulsory subject of fashion

by:Eugenia     2020-07-31
It has been interviewed chunxiao models: how to be a qualified fashionistas? Chunxiao consider for a moment, said: a tide of people the most basic also should have four pairs of glasses alongside the body! Once upon a time, the glasses is no longer the myopia of the patent. Style tothe flat lens become a pretty girl walking all the workplace indispensable props 'kink shape'. Dolce & gabbana D& GDG3172PD2688 leisure ms plate full box code black glasses myopia framework for busy female white-collar, glasses to hide the black rim of the eye to save time and effort, also can show individual level; In pursuit of sven, sophisticated sense of male white-collar eyes, a small relationship between a pair of glasses is not two magic weapon of their career. The dizzying variety of glasses, how to choose for themselves that? Round face VS hypotenuse wide frames domed face feature is rounded cheeks, forehead assumes the circular arch, and wider, chin round, on the whole, give a person a kind of feeling. So many circle line is required to wear a clear glasses. If choose ze rounded Jin Sibian or root silk side of the picture frame, can make the face appear more round. Frame for wide bevel edge shape will make the face appears a little longer. Elongated face VS wide-brimmed typical long face, big frame glasses to live is a high forehead, jaw more real, long jaw, wear suitable for wide glasses can make the face appear shorter. Wide nose and dark mirror legs will break long straight line. Because of the wide edge, big frame glasses will face more half some go to hide, so long face can wear this kind of glasses. CK CK5379 men black frame glass frame c001 VS oval frame wide and flat forehead, a sharp chin diao is a triangle shape, jaw almost equals the eyes, which is characteristic of the frame. The second half of the face some line flow and a trim, and so should be worn to form 'vertical lines' on the face of glasses, to compensate for half the lack of some relatively wide flat. Is the best choose picture frame oval, line is clear glasses. Square face VS round or oval frame the face features a wide forehead. Facial exhibited clear, jaw area is higher, the wide, face side is not very obvious, face founder. Wear the glasses frame assumes the circular or oval can make facial contour lines appear softer. Wear is tonal and lively metal frames also can eliminate this sense blunt. Armani EA3074F man glass frame 5465 hawksbill oval face VS share some glasses are the face of the widest in the frontal area, and the circulation symmetrically on both sides to the forehead and chin moved. If the selected shape of glasses, share for, oval face can be matched quite perfect. In addition, still should pay attention to picture frame shape need to be able to balance the face, edge of face is a bit fat people who want to choose a miniature picture frame, chin lean are the following margin slightly wide of the frame is advisable. And frame intrusive and face intrusive harmony, wearing glasses, eyes try to fall in the center of the picture frame, and frame intrusive best don't more than a third of the face area, don't pressure to the cheekbones, also want to avoid more than the center of the cheekbones. Picture frame and the decoration on the frame also must pay attention to the planning and the bridge of the nose, with local adornment is the focus of visual and can subtly shift the focus, focus on key points, polishing face intrusive and width. The bridge of the nose in the program will affect the interval of two eyes, the length of the width of the bridge of the nose, the nose itself. Eyes wide interval or nose length longer wind can pick colors or special bridge of the nose planning; Space narrow, narrow bridge of the nose, or eyes nose smaller shorter the wind, the bridge of the nose of best is transparent or planning are not heavy.
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