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Matching skills of frame glasses and hairstyles_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-12
For girls, when wearing frame glasses, besides having to worry about matching clothes and makeup, hairstyle is also a very important item. If you want to create a style that is completely different from the look when you don’t wear glasses, and you want to give others a new and unique sense of freshness, then the change of 'glasses and hairstyle' will be better than changing to a different style of clothing, and the effect will be much better. . Most women with poor eyesight choose to wear contact lenses as much as possible, and only wear frame glasses when they take off the contact lenses at home. In fact, for men, women with frame glasses are just as cute. Therefore, before dressing up, the first step is to show confidence! 1. Straight hair and long bangs are absolutely cute. When it comes to glasses style, one must talk about the front bangs. The length of the bangs is preferably a little bit longer than the eyebrows, and the tips of the bangs are lightly placed on the frame of the glasses, or just touching the frame of the glasses. In this way, it is as if the hairstyle, face, and glasses are all integrated into one. It seems that the overall image is very natural and not artificial. The key point is that the bangs should not be too thick, thinner ones will make people feel more relaxed and cute. 2. Micro scrolls with no bangs, lazy and intellectual. If you hear other people’s impression of yourself as 'savageThe slightly curly hairstyle exudes a relaxing and approachable aura, and a forehead without bangs will give people a 'harmless' and defenseless intimacy. The big frame glasses can show the casual and lazy temperament of the girl next door. In addition, Qi Liuhai is not a hairstyle that everyone can control. If the face and facial contours are not clear and upright, try to avoid long and straight hairstyles.
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