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Matters needing attention with reading glasses_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-02
Although presbyopia is a natural phenomenon, because the visual function of the eyes is declining, it is also necessary to wear reading glasses. Because of the physical factors and the diopter of the eyes, the elderly also need to pay attention to some problems in the glasses. These details have a certain impact on the glasses for the middle-aged people. Let’s take a look at the precautions for wearing reading glasses together. Do middle-aged and elderly people need glasses for vision loss? There are many reasons for this vision loss. Some of them are physiological factors, which is what we usually call presbyopia. Glasses are required, and some It is an eye disease, such as cataract, glaucoma, etc., which needs to go to the hospital for examination to confirm. Many middle-aged and elderly people only wear glasses according to the theoretical degree, which is actually wrong. Everyone's individual conditions are different, and with the increase of age, the degree of the eyes is also increasing, but the specific degree is still needed. Optometry only knows, and some middle-aged and elderly people have astigmatism, myopia, etc., which all require scientific optometry. Buying a pair of glasses without optometry will not only fail to solve the vision problem, but also cause more serious vision problems. When matching reading glasses, it is generally prescribed to use the lens that can see clearly at a lower distance. For those who wear reading glasses, if they can see close by, try to wear reading glasses as late as possible. If the degree is shallower, do not wear deep ones. In theory, it is increased by 50 degrees every 5 years. Therefore, when reading glasses cannot see things clearly, optometry is still required. When matching reading glasses, be sure to choose a formal place for optometry, such as this scientific optometry. If you choose reading glasses, you must also choose a formal channel to buy.
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