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MAX MARA 2018 chun xia series new sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-09-04
MAX MARA is Italian brand, was born in 1951, MaxMara group a total of 23 brand series now. In 2017, is about to end, MAX MARA to launch the new spring/summer 2018 sunglasses series, with light texture and colour profusion as 2018 chun xia series injection of elegance. From the famous female designer Irene. Gray ( 艾琳灰色) Draw the inspiration of art, architecture in its leg with classic Prism detail design and enamel decoration to reveal the brand style. EILEEN I series sunglasses large round lens with double bridge the mirror, and reproduce the Irene. Gray linear truncation concentric circles of the trademark design, extremely use up simple texture, geometrical aesthetic vision of the designer on the frame; Recommended reading: sunglasses brands ILDE V series of sun glasses is a circular extremely thin metal frame sunglasses, by way of the enamel on its leg inside decoration, and color photograph echo with colorful lens; FLAT I series of sunglasses with high density of acetate fiber material makes the experience of super light wearing, gentle modelling of cat's eye every delicate female charm of restoring ancient ways; MM 1334 series optical frame with FLAT I series of the modelling of the sun glasses, and make the picture frame design more compact concise. Above is the MAX MARA the related content of the new spring and summer 2018 sunglasses series, if you want to know more about the new sunglasses, can continue to focus on sunglasses glasses factory network.
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