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MAX MARA artist 'OPTIPRISM' new glasses series hand in hand

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
In July 2015, is famous for its delicate and elegant, temperament is full-bodied MUSES, committed to the modern and contemporary art of the brand Max Mara Hayuk glory hand in hand to the international famous artist Maya dedication 'OPTIPRISM' design concept, to celebrate the Max Mara - 2015 2016 autumn and winter series of glasses. The concept of 'Optiprism' embodies the eyes the look and feel of the real image and its harmonics is similar to the word 'ottimismo' in Italian. Brand by Maya Hayuk painting prism pattern to reinterpret the Max Mara sunglasses and optical frames on the new landmark stud, the painting will tour in the next few months in three continents. Prism design ingenious shows contemporary Max Mara many of the female, the inspiration comes from the perfect combination of round and square. Prism is women's gentle temperament and minimalist style, aesthetic and functional, the embodiment of the balance between sensibility and rationality coexist. The geometrical element for the design of the new glasses series and Maya Hayuk works of art to provide inspiration, will show the characteristics of the positive enterprising, full of hope and confidence. 'I created for Max Mara paintings became the iconic symbol of the new glasses series' Maya Hayuk said, 'the shape of the geometry is hale and hearty, it apply bold and contain a punk lasting appeal. I see this as a graphic repeatedly by a strong visual impact, the design of gorgeous shiny color, will become a giant wooden painting. 'The idea presented in simple and natural way. Hayuk does not use the sketch or computer when painting, painting the specially made to stand out by hand. 'The human to create the beauty is I have been pursuing state, also is the energy source of my art work. 'Hayuk said. This art will across three continents, the next few months the exclusive events held in the United States, China and Italy. Maya Hayuk created this painting by double modular can device in a different way, in order to achieve the three countries to show the effect of three different painting. Hayuk said: 'when I was in concept design, one thing is very clear, that is in guiding the painting process, and there is no fixed nodes. 'She's such a pursuit in painting the be fond of of evolving reflects the Max Mara women grow, continuously enterprising, energetic had the characteristics of infinite energy. New Max Mara glasses series with different models to explain the details, 'prism' prominent have MM GEM MM GEM I and II sun glasses and MM 1246 optical frames. These large picture frame with square and the cat's eye in the shape of a bold design. Maya Hayuk is a world famous American artist, living and working in New York, she will be bold and progressive geometrical design drawing is famous in large murals. Since the fall of 2015, a new Max Mara glasses series will be on the Max Mara boutiques and high-end glasses shop sold around the world. Max Mara series sunglasses and optical frames by it ( Safilo) Group manufacturing and distribution. This paper source China glasses net, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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