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Max Mara cat's eye sunglasses styles: marries the design style and Italian female lasting appeal

by:Eugenia     2020-09-04
Max Mara is Italian brand, was born in 1951, the cat's eye sunglasses styles designed by Max Mara marries the design style and Italian female lasting appeal, at the beginning of the present brand that craft and elegant aesthetic. A, Max Mara cat's eye sunglasses style MM series ANITA, sexy cold classic female temperament for the design of this kind of cat's eye sunglasses has brought endless inspiration. Picture frame and mirror feet on both sides are decorated with shining and delicate metal details, dot eyeball 'Prism' elements of the sign, the interpretation of the element is Max Mara female symbol. Recommended reading: the cat's eye sunglasses make you sexy, like a cat Max Mara cat's eye sunglasses styles MM OVERLAP series metal frame carved with Max Mara brand logo. Three colors include: black frames with transparent lens surface and blue, gray blue picture frame with a transparent surface and gradient mirror slice, transparent grey picture frame with a transparent surface and grey lens. The surface of the cascade cleverly constructed complex frame, make Overlap series sunglasses this season's worth of fashion accessories. Transparent and solid color optical plastic material with cascade conjunction, shaped elegant delicate and have administrative levels feeling extremely progressive frame. Three, Max Mara cat's eye sunglasses styles MM Ingrid reveal special series of geometric model and the three-dimensional structure of the fusion of architecture aesthetics, classic color and slightly transparent sense for its more add soft again. MM Ingrid series sunglasses is in qiu dong season shows meaningful style ( 经典的设计) The perfection of interpretation. Unique metal acetate frame with two separate inner core draw the outline of the cat's eye of bold modelling, the design of incision on both sides of the frame color segmentation is distinct and ponder. The side of the picture frame gap clever foil the metal filling, presents the unique style of Scandinavia design inspiration.
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